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We know you will love our programme as much as our KiwiEd whanau does - please read our testimonials below. 


"Since 2021, my grandkids have been enrolled in the KiwiEd program, and we've had the pleasure of having Kirsty as our visiting teacher. I can't emphasize enough how this program has been a lifesaver for me in terms of looking after my grandkids. Not only does it provide continuous learning opportunities, but it has also brought a sense of organization. With monthly goal setting for the children's development and personal learning goals for myself, everything feels much more structured.


The program itself has been an absolute game-changer for the kids. They are always engaged and excited with the endless fun play activities and the fantastic field trips to attractions in Auckland. It's truly remarkable how KiwiEd has made learning so much more interesting and enjoyable for my grandkids." 


"I have been with KiwiEd since my eldest son turned 4 years old and my youngest daughter  turned 2. The way that we were welcomed into KiwiEd. was like I had joined a community that cared for my children and had their best interests at heart.


The KiwiEd team were supportive of my decision to have my two children at home being cared for by their grandma and also attending kindy, as I believed that home based care  and also time at kindy was the best fit for my children.  Every month my children look forward to their visit from their Visiting Teacher, she has built such a strong relationship with not only the children but myself, my mum and my husband, oh and lets not forget our family dog too!


Its like having another family member who loves your children and gives you the best support to help raise them to be lifelong happy little learners! Ill be forever grateful to have had this support person and company  to work alongside us before our children reach their school years!


I have no hesitation at all in recommending KiwiEd. to anyone, they are truly amazing!"

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